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In optical networks, media converters have become the basic equipment, which convert signals between different types of data transmission channels. They can make the connection between the signals received on optical cable (FOR) and relayed the more common copper cable (UTP). There are also converters that mediate the ties between the SM fiber channels and MM channels.


Media converters come in many forms: 


  • on a wire - type WDM, the reception / transmission is made on the same channel 
  • on two wires -  single-mode or multi mode. 


Depending on the transfer rate , there are two types of converters: 


  • 10/100M converters that mediates between a 10/100Base-TX segment and a 100Base-Fx segment 
  • the  10/100/1000M converter which mediates between 10/100/1000Base-TX and 1000Base-Fx.


In terms of format, the alternatives are:


  • Classic Media Converter (Stand-alone) with integrated fiber port;
  • Media converter card type - without their own case and power , which is installed in a chassis (rack);
  • SFP media converter - without fiber port, but fitted with one or more slots for any type of SFP.


The distances that can be made stable connections can be 20km, 40km, 60km, 80km up to 100 km - depending on the model - for MS (2 km to MM) if any pair media converter, or 120 km for the SM (MM 5 km) with a converter of the same type.


Converters are equipped with LED indicators on the carcass for tracking  power and operating system. Ports automatically switch between Full duplex and Half duplex modes.


Fiber Interface is done, usually with SC connectors, but MC's can be adapted for ST or FC connectors. Also, UTP port is available through two RJ-45 inputs (one for each standard) to allow easy use of any type of cabling.


External power supply for stand-alone models, is realized for 5V power supply transformer, from the network-220V AC or-48V dc. Optical converters do not require prior configuration.


Also in this category, we included racks (chassis) media converters, standard size up to19'' for organizing major converters in the network.



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